Past Performances

October 31, 1995Louisville, KY Diverse MediaCrappy NightmarevilleTF,SF
November 1, 1995Louisville, KY Clifton Cultural CenterRachelsTF,SF,BS,DJ
December 29, 1995Louisville, KY SparksTF,SF,BS,DJ
January 1, 1997Louisville, KY Cherokee Blues ClubTF,SF,AK
April 12, 1997Louisville, KY Cherokee Blues ClubThe QuizTF,TR
September 5, 1997Louisville, KY The Sugar Doe CafeK-LawTF,SF,JC,WH,CM
December 17, 1997Louisville, KY The Sugar Doe CafeThe Java MenTF,SF,TB,TC,WH
May 23, 1998Louisville, KY The Mercury PawThe Magnetic BananimalsTF,SF,TB,TC,WH
May 2, 1998Louisville, KY The Toy TigerDon Caballero, Transam TF,SF,TB,TC,WH
July 27, 1998Louisville, KY The Mercury PawSolexTF,TB
August 16, 1998Louisville, KY The Mercury PawDavid Grubbs, Speed To Roam TF,TB
February 8, 1999Louisville, KY ArtswatchTF,TB,WH
July 31, 1999Louisville, KY The Mercury PawMatmos & LesserTF,SF,TH,CB,JT
October 15, 1999Louisville, KY HeadlinersIsotope 217, VHS or BETA TF,SF,TH,CB,JT
October 29, 1999Louisville, KY Studio 953M Blain, Digital Pile, The Lull Account, Clark [party busted during Parlour] TF,SF,TH,CB,JT
November 19, 1999Lexington, KY MeccaDigital PileTF,SF,TH,CB,JT
December 3, 1999Louisville, KY J.B. Speed Art MuseumTF,SF,TH,CB
December 16, 1999Bloomington, IN The Waldron TheaterEarly Day Miners, Paden TF,SF,TH,CB
December 22, 1999Louisville, KY HeadlinersPapa M, DJ Mark (From vhsorbeta) TF,SF,TH,CB,JT
September 4, 2000Louisville, KY PandemoniumBlack Heart ProcessionTF, TH,CB,JT
October 14, 2000Louisville, KY Rudyard KiplingShannonwrightTF, TH,CB,JT
November 1, 2000Louisville, KY HeadlinersDon Caballero (solo), Fred Weaver TF, TH,CB,JT
January 29, 2001Louisville, KY ArtswatchTF,TH,CB,JT
February 16, 2001Columbia, KY Sirius Coffee HouseTF,TH,CB,JT
February 23, 2001Louisville, KY BRYCC House Insomniacathon456, Magnetic Bananimals, Wodka, Retsin, etc TF,TH,CB,JT
March 24, 2001Chicago, IL The MetroMogwai, Aurora Rein TF,TH,CB,JT
March 31, 2001Bowling Green, KY 1st Baptist ChurchFoxholeTF,TH,CB,JT
June 22, 2001Louisville, KY The Rudyard KiplingFour Fifty SixTF,TH,CB,JT
July 5, 2001Louisville, KY BarretonesGoldenTF,TH,CB,JT
August 19, 2001Chapel Hill, NC Local 506Cold Sides, V. Sirin, Shedding TF,CB,JT
September 14, 2001Covington, KY The Southgate HousePullman, Papa M TF,CB,JT
September 22, 2001Louisville, KY Cardinal Wings Hangar #5RachelsTF,CB,JT
October 19, 2001Bloomington, IN Second StorySpeed To RoamTF,CB,TB,JT
April 13, 2002Louisville, KY MuseumJason Lowenstein, lynyasso (Will Hancock) TF,CB,TB,TC
April 25, 2002Chicago, IL The AbbeyFridge, Explosions In The Sky TF,CB,TB,TC
May 24, 2002Louisville, KY HeadlinersMogwai, Mighty Flashlight TF,CB,TB,TC
June 1, 2002Louisville, KY The Lava HouseCheer Accident, Arch TF,CB,TB,TC,JT
September 13, 2002Louisville, KY The Rudyard KiplingBelliniTF,CB,TB,TC,JT
September 14, 2002Bloomington, IN Second StoryBellini, Panic Strikes A Chord TF,CB,TB,TC,JT
September 15, 2002Chicago, IL The Empty BottleBellini, Crush Kill Destroy TF,CB,TB,TC,JT
December 14, 2002Louisville, KY 118 W. MainThe Children, Party Girls, The Lee Rileys TF,CB,TB,TC,JT
January 16, 2003Kalamazoo, MI The SpaceCrush, Kill & Destroy TF,CB,TB,TC
April 11, 2003Louisville, KY 953 Clay StreetTaking Pictures, Second Story Man TF,CB,TB,TC,JT
July 4, 2003Louisville, KY Uncle PleasantsThe Children, Speed To Roam TF,CB,TB,TC,JT
July 26, 2003Lexington, KY MeccaBardo PondTF,CB,TB,TC,JT
December 19, 2003Louisville, KY Rudyard KiplingJoey Mudd, Joe Manning, David Wright, & more TF
?Louisville, KY Kentucky TheaterVerktum, Joe Manning, Shipping News TF
April 24, 2004Louisville, KY Rudyard KiplingCerebus Shoal, Nanobot Death Cloud TF,PO,JY,SG,PB,CM
July 23, 2004Louisville, KY Woody's TavernInstrumental Quarter (italy), Thelectric Sheep, Farewell Soyuz TF,CP,JY,BV,CM,PB
September 23, 2004Louisville, KY HeadlinersRadio 4, Macha, DJ Kit Chaps TF,CP,JY,BV,CM,PB
October 9, 2004Louisville, KY Uncle PleasantsLarval, Ut Gret TF,CP,JY,BV,CM,PB
December 15, 2004Louisville, KY Uncle PlesantsUS Maple, Buffalo Bill TF,CP,JY,BV,CM,PB
January 20, 2005Chicago, IL Empty BottleZombi, Del Rey TF,CP,JY,SG,BV,CM,BC,JT
January 21, 2005Lansing, MI Mac's BarPaucity, Wanderjahr TF,CP,JY,SG,BV,CM,BC
January 22, 2005Windsor, ON Coach and HorsesMeasured in AnglesTF,CP,JY,SG,BV,CM,BC
January 23, 2005Hamilton, OT The Undergroundthe Radio, One Last Time, the Eskimo Line TF,CP,JY,SG,BV,CM,BC
January 24, 2005Albany, NY The Fuze BoxAnaconda and the SixfifteensTF,CP,JY,SG,BV,CM,BC
January 25, 2005New Haven, CT Cafe NineEnemy LoveTF,CP,JY,SG,BV,CM,BC
January 26, 2005Providence, RI AS220the Wind Up Bird, Tyondai Braxton TF,CP,JY,SG,BV,CM,BC
January 27, 2005Philadelphia, PA Millcreek Tavernthe Grandchildren, the Castle Arms, Trouble Everyday TF,CP,JY,SG,BV,CM,BC
January 28, 2005New York, NY Lit LoungeUp the Empire, the Subjects TF,CP,JY,SG,BV,CM,BC
January 29, 2005Brooklyn, NY North SixBellmer Dolls, the Bravery TF,CP,JY,SG,BV,CM,BC
February 5, 2005Lafayette, IN Lafayette Brewing CompanyPat McClimins GroupTF,CP,JY,SG,BV,CM,BC
February 19, 2005Louisville, KY Dutches TavernThe ManTF,CP,JY,SG,BV,CM,BC,JT
March 4, 2005Indianapolis, IN Radio RadioMono, Skeleton Key TF,CP,JY,BV,CM,BC
March 5, 2005Louisville, KY Uncle PleasantsMono, Manchuria TF,CP,JY,SG,BV,CM,BC,JT
March 6, 2005Asheville, NC Wedge GalleryMono, the Emery Reel TF,CP,JY,BV,CM,BC
March 7, 2005Athens, GA Caledonia LoungeMono, A. Armada TF,CP,JY,BV,CM,BC
March 8, 2005Atlanta, GA the EarlMono, the Emery Reel TF,CP,JY,BV,CM,BC
March 9, 2005New Orleans, LA One Eyed JacksMonoTF,CP,JY,BV,CM,BC
March 10, 2005Houston, TX Mary Jane's Fat CatMono, By the End of Tonight TF,CP,JY,BV,CM,BC
March 11, 2005Denton, TX Hailey'sMono, By the End of Tonight TF,CP,JY,BV,CM,BC
March 12, 2005Oklahoma City, OK ConservatoryBy the End of Tonight, This Was the Year to Lose Friends, Psyopus TF,CP,JY,BV,CM,BC
March 16, 2005Austin, TX the EternalSXSW TRL Showcase: Mono, Lazarus, Eluvium, By the End of Tonight, and Tristeza TF,CP,JY,SG,BV,CM,BC
March 30, 2005Louisiville, KY Lava House PortlandSapat, No Neck Blues Band TF,CP,JY,SG,BV,CM,BC,JT
October 27, 2006Cincinnatti, OH CAC Contemporary Art CenterKatharina GrosseTF,JC,SG,CM,NS,NT
June 16, 2007Louisville, KY Jazz FactoryParlourTF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
June 30, 2007Louisville, KY Germantown Shotgun FestDubious Duo, Scott Carney, and more TF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
July 4, 2007Louisville, KY Pour HausParlour, Foreign Oranges, The Teeth TF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
July 27, 2007Louisville, KY BelvedereForecastle 2007TF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
August 24, 2007Louisville, KYPour HausTF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
October 20, 2007Louisville, KY Pour HausParlour, The Teeth, Venus Trap TF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
November 7, 2007Louisville, KY The Pink DoorBarbez, Parlour, Nathan Salsburg TF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
December 15, 2007Louisville, KY Pour HausParlour, Thalia Tzedek, Second Story Man TF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
December 28, 2007Louisville, KY CahootsParlour & SoftchequeTF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
May 2, 2008Louisville, KYHeadlinersMucca Pazza, Wax Fang, ParlourTF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
June 19, 2008Louisville, KYTerrastock FestivalLots of bandsTF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
August 15, 2008Louisville, KYPour HausParlour & David GrubbsTF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
November 6, 2008Louisville, KYSkull AlleyIcy Demons, Royal Bangs, Parlour, PhotographicTF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
July 21, 2009Louisville, KYGlassworksParlour & Martin Bisi & SapatTF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
October 9, 2009Lexington, KYBustersWRFL Boomslang FestivalTF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
October 22, 2009Louisville, KYGlassworksGold Jacket Club, Minnow, Frontiers (Jason Noble Benefit)TF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
July 11, 2010Louisville, KYWaterfront ParkForecastle FestivalTF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
September 21, 2010Louisville, KYRelease Date of Simulacrenfield
October 1, 2010Louisville, KYZanzabarSimulacrenfield Album Release Show with Lydia BurrellTF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
October 2, 2010Louisville, KYTurners Boat ClubCropped Out FestivalTF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,MF
October 20, 2010Newport, KYSouthgate HouseTF,JC,CM,NS,BP,MF
October 21, 2010Columbus, OHTreehouseTF,JC,CM,NS,BP,MF
October 22, 2010Brooklyn, NYRockshopCMJ Nicodemus Agency Roster: Caleb Engstrom, David Dondero, Denison Witmer, Santah, Pomegranates, +/-TF,JC,CM,NS,BP,MF
November 12, 2010Knoxville, TNThe Pilot LightDolphin RIdersTF,JC,CM,NS,BP,ML
November 13, 2010Ashville, NCLexington Ave BrewerySchooner, WagesTF,JC,CM,NS,BP,ML
November 14, 2010Richmond, VAGallery 5Quiet Eyes Road, Roy G Biv, Nick CriderTF,JC,CM,NS,BP,ML
November 15, 2010New York CIty, NYPianosMinor StarsTF,JC,CM,NS,BP,ML
November 16, 2010Pittsburgh, PAGarfield ArtworksMaserati, Bad SpelerTF,JC,CM,NS,BP,ML
November 17, 2010Chicago, ILThe Empty BottleMaseratiTF,JC,CM,NS,BP,ML
November 18, 2010Louisville, KYZanzabarMaserati (Last show of this Parlour line-up)TF,JC,SG,CM,NS,BP,ML
September 25, 2011Nashville, TNThe Five SpotAscent of Everest & ParlourTF,BP,BS,GM,NS
December 16, 2011Louisville, KYZanzabarParlour, Dane Waters, Josephine Foster
January 6, 2012Lexington, KYAl's BarParlour, Cross, Three Legged Race
January 27, 2012Louisville, KYLisa's Oak Street LoungeLouisville Experimental Festival The Tiles, Clarksmithy, Electric Inertia
February 11, 2012Louisville, KYHaymarket Whiskey BarParlour & The Opposable Thumbs
March 11, 2012Louisville, KYThe Chestnut HouseParlour, Straight A's, Life at Home
April 13, 2012Louisville, KYHarley's Main Street TavernThe Teeth and Parlour
July 21, 2012Atlanta, GA529Old Baby, Parlour, Stallone, Liverhearts, Shedding
July 22, 2012Nashville, TNHi-Watt ClubThe Ascent of Everest, Parlour, Shedding, The Gold Room, Old Baby
July 26, 2012Louisville, KYThe Cat HouseBlues Control, Parlour, Sapat, Wet
December 7, 2012Louisville, KYBearnos by the BridgeParlour & Asm A Tik
December 14, 2012Louisville, KYMag BarParlour, Frontiers, Farwell Soyuz
March 2, 2013Louisville, KYZanzabarMatmos, Horse Lords, Parlour
March 15, 2013Louisville, KYThe Louisville PalaceSeluah, Parlour, Lydia Burrell
May 11, 2013Louisville, KYThe Cat HouseImplodes, Shedding, ParlourTF,BP,NS,GM
September 14, 2013Louisville, KYZanzabarParlour and SeequillTF,BP,BS,GM
February 1, 2014Louisville, KYZanzabarCrooks on Tape/Parlour (First Clayton show?)TF,BP,BS,CR,MK
March 25, 2014Louisville, KYHaymarket Whiskey BarUnwed Sailor, Parlour, Aby Laby LandTF,BP,BS,CR,MK
April 25, 2014Chicago, ILBurlington BarParlourTF,BP,BS,CR,MK
May 10, 2014Louisville, KYZanzabarA Minor Forest, Parlour, Blood Moon RailTF,BP,BS,CR,MK
June 28, 2014Louisville, KYNelligan HallCHIME: The Teeth, Parlour, New Bravado, Bookshelf (Last show with Mathias on Drums)TF,BP,BS,CR,MK
November 17, 2014Louisville, KYThe New VintageHorse Lords, Parlour, Keenan LawlerTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
December 15, 2014Louisville, KYThe New Vintage DO502 Free Week w/Coliseum, Xerxes, Parlour, The Foxery, Black GodTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
January 3, 2015Louisville, KYHeadlinersWatter w/Parlour and Anwar SadatTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
April 25, 2015Louisville, KYThe New Vintage White Glove Test book release celebration w/Parlour/KY Chrome Review/ Steve Rigot Tributes, ASM A Tik, Chick BaxterTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
July 25, 2015Louisville, KYHeadliners Louisville Psych Fest produced by Holy Carp. TF,BP,BS,CR,EB
August 15, 2015Louisville, KYThe New Vintage River City Rumble Compiliation release showTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
November 27, 2015Louisville, KYThe New VintageTwin Sister Radio/Parlour/Eremy Jirvin & The Free=EndsTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
January 27, 2016Louisville, KYZanzabar Parlour, Twenty First Century Fox, Satellite Twin Do502 Free showTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
March 12, 2016Louisville, KYKaijuParlour/Curio Key Club/Us, Today TF,BP,BS,CR,EB
April 9, 2016Louisville, KYModern Cult RecordsParlour, Verstärker, Keenan Lawler, Soft ConsonantsTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
June 18, 2016Louisville, KYZanzabarAlbum Release Show with Ascent of EverestTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
June 17, 2016Louisville, KYPARLOUR LP released on TRLTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
September 1, 2016Louisville, KYThe Cure LoungePRFBBQLOU2018TF,BP,BS,CR,EB
September 14, 2016Louisville, KYThe Cure LoungeParlour & Courtesy TF,BP,BS,CR,EB
November 12, 2016Louisville, KYNew VintageParlour, Verstarker, NightblondeTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
November 18, 2016Chicago, ILBurlington BarParlour, Courtesy and CouplerTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
December 3, 2016Indianapolis, INState Street Pub in IndianapolisParlour, VV Torso, 1790 and American CreamTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
February 17, 2017Louisville, KYMinnikChew & ParlourTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
April 29, 2017Louisville, KYMonnikCat Casual & The Ordinary Bones, The Feedback, Twenty First Century Fox, Of AsaphTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
December 23, 2017Louisville, KYKaijuParlour, Dark Hearts Community Dance BandTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
February 22, 2018Louisville, KYCure LoungeChew & Memory GlossTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
April 1, 2018Louisville, KYZanzabarWatter & One Beat OffTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
May 10, 2018Lousiville, KYKaijuFools GhostTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
May 11, 2018Chicago, ILBurlingtonImelda Marcos & Wiliam CovertTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
September 20, 2018Louisville, KYKaijuLung, Parlour, BaseTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
October 11, 2018Louisville, KYKaijuParlour, Imelda Marcos, PZQTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
December 7, 2018Louisville, KYOdeonParlour, Memory Gloss, CopiersTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
2/19/19Chicago, ILCo-Prosperity SpherePinebender, Parlour, The Poison Arrows, William CovertTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
4/12/19Louisville, KYKaijuGrlwood, Service, Old City, ParlourTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
6/8/19Chicago, ILPRF BBQ 2019 Workshop 4200,BP,BS,CR,EB
12/22/19Louisville, KYZanzabarParlour, Total VoidTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
1/24/20Louisville, KYHeadlinersJune of 44, Jaye Jayle, ParlourTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
2/21/20Louisville, KYHeadlinersJaunita w/Will Oldham, Freakwater, Jaye Jayle, Parlour, The Get DownTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
2/23/20Louisville, KYMagbarShake the Baby Til the Love Comes Out, The ArchaeasTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
8/27/21Louisville, KYPortalParlour, El Shirota, DraftingTF,BP,BS,CR,EB
Tim FurnishPrograming,Synths,Guitar, Drum, Bass,OtherTFAble To Act, Cerebellum, King G and the J Crew, Crain, Aerial M, The For Carnation
Simon FurnishGuitar, Bass, Synth,PercussionSFKing G and the J Crew
Tim RuthSynthsTRAuditory Klang, Evergreen, The Duke Boys
Jon CookDrumsJCCrain, Experimental Pollen, Weapons
Will HancockGuitar, Bass, PercussionWH456, Starman Jones
Tony BaileyDrumsTBHedge, Crain, Verktum, Gaj Moustafa Cell, Aerial/Papa M, Starman Jones, ...
Todd CookBassTCPeace Monger, Spot, Crain, The For Carnation, Papa M, Slint, Retsin, Sonora Pine, The Cutters, The Glasspack, Shipping News, Old Baby, Jaye Jayle, Emma Ruth Rundle
Todd HancockDrumsTHPaden
Connor BellBass/Synth/GuitarCBPaden, Shedding
Cassie MarrettBassCMAerial M, Silver Jews
Billy SimsSynthsBS
Dave JohnsonTurntables/FXDJ
Aaron KinmanSaxaphoneAKLiberation Prophecy
Jamie TittleVideoJTThe Invisible Band, The Hipmonks, Tigital
Paul OldhamGuitar and Bass, Recording EngineerPORove Studio, Speed To Roam, Bonnie Billy, Royal Trux
Joey YatesDrumsJYThe Loved
Steve GoodBass ClarinetSGThe Web, Eugene Chadbourne, Juanita, Ut Gret,...
Pat BucayuBassPBNero
Ben VandermeerSynthsBVThe Lull Account
Craig McClurkinTenor SaxCMWithout Further Ado, Die!
Benny ClarkBassBCFalling Forward, Elliot
Natalie ThompsonViolinNTSapat, Valley of Ashes, Vaginal Ashtray
Nadeem SiddiqBassNSWeapons, DIE
Breck PipesGuitarBPSpot, Cerebellum, Rawhide
Mac FinleySynthsMFThe Children
Matt LangleySynthsMLK-Tranza
Greg MorrisDrumsGM
Lee GuttermanSynthsLG
Brian SweeneySynths/BassBSLucky Pineapple
Mathias KolehmainenDrumsMK
Clayton RayBass/GuitarCR
Evan BaileyDrumsEBSecond Story Man

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