1989-06-02Cafe DogLouisville, KYCrain, King Kong, Krakh.
1989-06-09Party Zone, Ramada InnLouisville, KYCrain, some cheezy redneck band with no name.Doan’s B’day party.
1989-07-14Cafe DogLouisville, KYCrain, King Kong, SlintThe cops busted the place for being a fire hazard during the middle of Crain’s set.
1989-08-04Braden Memorial CenterLouisville, KYCrain, Antman, Slint.This was in retaliation to the bust at the Cafe Dog. The cops had made some racial slurs there, and this was the “Rock Against Racism”.
1989-11-12Tim’s Parent’s HouseLouisville, KYCrainSimon Furnish’s birthday party. .
1990-03-23CD Graffiti’sLouisville, KYSholanda, Crain, Jawbox (from Washington, DC).
1990-03-30Red Barn, UofL CampusLouisville, KYCrain, Oblong Box
1990-05-13Tewligan’s TavernLouisville, KYCrain, Jesus Lizard (Chicago).
1990-06-09Red Barn, UofL CampusLouisville, KYCrain, Crown of Thorns.
1990-06-14Louisville ZooLouisville, KY“Summer Safari” – Ubiquitous, Crain
1990-06-26The Kentucky TheaterLouisville, KYCrain, Fuzazi (Washington DC)
1990-08-14Zodiac ClubLouisville, KYLettuce Prey, Circus Lupus (NY), Crain.
1990-08-23Zodiac ClubLouisville, KYCrain, Superchunk (Chapel Hill, NC), Geek (DC)
1990-08-24Zodiac ClubLouisville, KYCrain, Amenity, Urge Overkill (Chicago).
1990-09-07Zodiac ClubLouisville, KYSister Shannon, Crain, Endpoint.7” split with Deathwatch given away at show
1990-11-03Antioch CollegeYellow Springs, OH.Crain.
December 22, 1990*Uncle PleasantsLouisville, KYKing Kong, Mrs. Frazier, Bush League, Danny Flannigan, Soda JerksSpouse Abuse Benefit
1991-01-02Zodiac ClubLouisville, KYSister Shannon, Crain, Nation of Ulysses
1991-01-18Zodiac ClubLouisville, KYDybbuk, Crain, Human Remains, Doas
1991-01-30Zodiac ClubLouisville, KY7 More Seconds, Crain, Godbullies
1991-02-17Vogue TheaterLouisville, KYDybbuk, Crain, Kinghorse
1991-03-01The Czar BarChicago, IL.Control, Crain, Trenchmouth
1991-03-16Zodiac ClubLouisville, KYCrain, Anteitam (NY)
1991-04-09The Czar BarChicago, IL.The Moon Men, Circus Lupus, Crain, Dog
Crain’s first full 7” was released around April 15, 1991. The record had 4 songs, and played at 33rpm. It was released on Automatic Wreckords, a label started by Jon Cook particularly for this record.
1991-04-28SnagilwetLouisville, KYCrain, Evil Twin Theory, Superchunk (Chapel Hill)
1991-06-26SnagilwetLouisville, KYSunspring, Crain, Bikini Kill (Olympia, WA), Nation of Ulysses (DC)
1991-07-31SnagilwetLouisville, KYBoris, Crain, Volcano Suns (Baltimore)
1991-08-23Uncle Pleasant’sLouisville, KYCrain, Jesus LizardWill got to play drums for Jesus Lizard during their sound check.
1991-09-27The WrocklageLexington, KYCrain, Bastro
1991-10-06Uncle Pleasant’sLouisville, KYErchint, Crain, Kinghorse
1991-10-12The Rocket HouseLouisville, KYCrain
1991-10-15The Rocket HouseLouisville, KYCrain, Sebadoh
On November 13-15 Crain went to Chicago to record in Steve Albini’s basement studio on 8-track. Crain did 11 songs there, 10 of which were relased on the Speed LP.
1991-11-20The Rocket House.Louisville, KYUnwound (Olympia, WA), Crain
1991-11-21The Print StopAtlanta, GA.Bikini Kill, Crain, The Nation of Ulysses.
1991-11-22Warehouse Billiards,Chattanooga, TNChildren of the Root, Needle, Fiddlehead, Crain
1991-11-23The OrpheusKnoxville, TN.Unkown 1, Unknown 2, Crain, G.G. Allin(yes, THE G.G. Allin…now I shall go vomit again…)
1991-11-26DC Space,Washington, DC.Quill, Crain, Chris Blad 96.
1991-11-28RockethouseLouisville, KYNation of Uysses, Crain, Bikini KillThanksgiving
1991-12-311919 Bonnycastle Ave.Louisville, KYNo Comply, Sunspring, Crain(Will, Scott Ritcher, Greta Ritcher, Breck Pipes, and Joey Mudd’s house).
1992-03-01Another Place Sandwich ShopLouisville, KYHula Hoop, Crain, Sebadoh
1992-03-15Tewligan’sLouisville, KYDybbuk, Crain, Big Wheel
1992-03-19Tewligan’sLouisville, KYCrain, Hula Hoop
Crain and Circus Lupus Tour
1992-04-01Inner Ear StudioWashington D.C.Recorded with Don ZienteraStabilizer, Blistering, ?
1992-04-02Khyber PassPhiladelphia, PA.Railhead, Crain, Circus Lupus
1992-04-03The Middle EastBoston, MASS.Edsel, Crain, Letters to Cleo, Hypno Love Wheel
1992-04-03Radio show on WMBRBoston, MAEngineered by Bob Weston
1992-04-04Hampshire CollegeAmherst, MASS.Mr. Jones, Crain, The Lunachicks, Circus Lupus
1992-04-06The Euclid TavernCleveland, OH.Crain, Gobblehoof, Circus Lupus
1992-04-10O’Cayz Corral,Madison, WI.Big’n, Crain, Circus Lupus
1992-04-12Speed Boat CafeSt, Paul, MN.Crain, Circus Lupus, Plaid Retina
1992-04-13Exit 99Fargo, ND.Godhead Silo, Crain, Circus Lupus
1992-04-17John’s AlleyMoscow, ID.Mighty White Meal, Circus Lupus, Crain
1992-04-18OK Hotel,Seattle, WA.Unwound, Crain, Anteitam, Circus Lupus
1992-04-19The Capitol TheaterOlympia, WA.The Spinnanes, Unwound, Crain, Circus Lupus
1992-04-21The VogueSeattle, WA.Spike, Crain, Circus Lupus, Nothing
1992-04-22Mother’s PubSpokane, WA.Butt Tuba, Circus Lupus, Crain
1992-04-23Belmont’sPortland, OR.Crain, Circus Lupus, Drunk at Abi’s
1992-04-24The ChameleonSan Francisco, CA.Crain, Circus Lupus, Jawbreaker
1992-04-25The Gilman StreetBerkely, CA.Backwoods, Circus Lupus, Crain, Supersuckers, Gashuffer
1992-04-26Mansion CellarsDavis, CA.The Winona Ryders, Circus Lupus, Crain, Drop Acid (Kevin Second’s band)
1992-04-29Mercury CafeDenver, CO.Lilawatt, Crain, Circus Lupus
1992-05-03Another Place Sandwich ShopLouisville, KYSunspring, Circus Lupus, CrainEND OF TOUR
1992-05-07Uncle PleasantsLouisville, KYCrain, Circle X
1992-05-22The Brown School Alumni ShowcaseLouisville, KY
1992-06-21Tewligan’s TavernLouisville, KYSancred, Ennui, Sunspring, Crain
1992-06-27Bogart’sCincinatti, OH.Crain, Mule, L7Last show with Joey Mudd and Will Chatham
1992-07-05Another Place Sandwich ShopLouisville, KYCrain, Heavens To Betsy, Bratmobile, Corndolly, King Kid Int’l
Recorded Coalmine #666 at Rockethouse on 4-Track Fall 1992 See Working Holiday 7” series October split with The Grifters
1992-10-09The EnterpriseLouisville, KYCrain, Hum, Lather
1992-10-25TewligansLouisville, KYCrain, Royal Trux, Stepdown
1992-10-26Beta Punk WarehouseWashington DCSeaweed, Velocity Girl, Crain
1992-11-11TewligansLouisville, KYLaughing Hyenas, Crain, Crab Nebula
1993-01-03The WrocklageLexington, KYCrain, Ted Bundy’s VW, Chump
1993-01-22ZodiacLouisville, KYCrain, Sunspring, Rodan, Ennui
1993-02-10TewligansLouisville, KYCrain, Slant 6, Rodan
1993-02-28TewligansLouisville, KYCrain, Brainiac, Cahouse
1993-03-05ZodiacLouisvile, KYCrain, Seam, Hum
Orlando, Florida
Heater Tour with Jon Cook, Tim Furnish, Jason Hayden. Mike Flood as Roadie
1993-03-10Mercury TheatreKnoxville,TNGrifters
1993-03-11Cats CradleChapel Hill, NCSleepyhead
1993-03-12Somber ReptileAtlanta, GAwith Uncle Joes Big Ole D
1993-03-13Lucy’s RecordsNashville,TNLaughing Hyenas, Don Caballero
1993-03-15Jeff’BuildingShreveport,LALaughing Hyenas
1993-03-16MadhattersFort Worth,TXHyenas
1993-03-17KilimanjaAustin, TXHyenas, Ed Hall
1993-03-18Goatshead SoupHouston, TXHyenas, Don Caballero
1993-03-19Taco LandSan Antonio,TXwith local support
1993-03-21Boston’sPheonix, AZSupersuckers
1993-03-23Center Terrace UCIrvine College, CAUnwound Rythand Bruise Indio, CA (nite)
1993-03-24CasbahSan Diego, CAUnwound
1993-03-25Eagles CoffeehouseN. Hollywood,CAUnwound
1993-03-26JabberjawLos Angeles, CA 1Unwound
1993-03-27UFCWSanta Barbara, CAUnwound
1993-03-29Bottom ofthe HillSan Francisco, CAUnwound
1993-03-30Berkley SquareBerkley, CAUnwound *
1993-03-31EMU Dining HallEugene, ORUnwound
1993-04-01Reed CollegePortland, ORUnwound
1993-04-02Velvet Elvis (matinee)Seattle, WAUnwound, Moe (nigh21+) Love BatterySunday
1993-04-03TBAOlympia, WAUnwound
1993-04-04Vancouver, BCSparkmarkerFed up with Jon, Tim leaves tour on Greyhound
1993-04-06Republic CalgaryABJawbreaker
1993-04-08Cave/Carleton CollegeNorthfield, MN*
1993-04-09Hairy MarysDes Moines, IA
1993-04-10UptownMinneapolis, MN *
1993-04-11TBA I *
1993-04-12DRIVE I *
1993-04-13Dead PigeonMuncie, IN
1993-04-15Lounge AxChicago, ILMule, Silkworm, Edsel, Crain
1993-04-21Lounge AxChicago, ILLoudspeaker, Stamen, Crain
1993-04-30CBGBNew York, NYCMJ
1993-06-01Butchertown PubLouisville, KY
1993-06-26SnagiwetLouisville, KYNation of Ulysses, Bikini Kill, Crain, Sunspring
1993-07-02TewligansLouisville, KYCrain, Rodan, Brainiac
1993-07-10The MachineLouisville, KYCrain, Codine, Sunspring, Lincoln, Rodan, Mama Tick, Drinking Woman, Telephone Man, Pale Blue Star
7/16/1993Grog ShopCleveland, OHRodan?Jon Cook, Tim Furnish, Jason Hayden
7/17/1993Nyabingi Dance HallMorgantown, WVHoover
7/20/1993Baystate CabaretNorthhampton, MACrain, Ruby Falls, Don Caballero, The Magnetic Fields
7/21/1993Boiler RoomNew Britian, CT
7/22/1993The BeatPortchester, NY
7/23/1993The Knitting FactoryNew York, NYCrain, Rodan, Grifters, Kudgel, Deluxx, Antietam, PitchblendeNew Music Seminar
7/24/1993TT the BearsCambridge, MA
7/27/1993The UndergroundHartford, CT
7/28/1993FIfteen MinutesWashington, DCRoyal Truxx
1993-10-10BreweryLouisville, KYRANT: Crain, Drinking Woman, Rodan
1994-01-01Butchertown PubLouisville, KYEvergreen, Blind Dive
1994-02-19Uncle PleasantsLouisville, KYCrain, Grifters, Big HeiferHeater release show
1994-03-10Mercury TheaterKnoxville TN
1994-04-16TewligansLouisville, KYCrain, Unwound, Auditory Clang
1994-06-23Swiss HallLouisville, KYCrain, Ruby Falls, Lotus, Grove, The Cutters
1994-05-07Uncle PleasantsLouisville, KYCircle X
1994-12-16Chicago Rob’s PizzaLouisville, KYCrain, Munson
1994-12-30The BreweryLouisville, KYEndpoint, Crain, Sunspring
1995-05-06Warehouse WenzelLouisville, KYVitapup, Ruby Falls, Hippopotamus, Crain, Cherub Scourage, Delta 72, Dreadful Lemon Sky, TIger 100, Nancy, FlysprayDerby (Car broke into)
1995-04-20TewligansLouisville, KYCrain, The Quiz, Sideshow
Tour Booked by CHris Hennen – Tim, Jon, Tony, Todd
1995-08-04Cattle ClubSioux City, Iowa
1995-05-08The BowlerFargo, ND
2022-06-08Collective Cultural CenterMinot, ND
2022-07-08House?Billings, MT
1995-08-08PlantlandSpokane, WA
1995-09-08Velvet ElvisSeattle, WA
1995-10-08Capitol TheaterOlympia, WA
1995-11-08SatyriconPortland, ORw/ 30•6
1995-12-08Kilowatt ClubSan Francisco, CA
1995-08-13Eagle’s Coffee shopLos Angeles, CA
1995-08-14Cup of JPomona, CAw/Lowercase
1995-08-1514th and CSan Diego, CAw/ Clikatat Ikatowi
1995-08-16Jabberjaw (maybe)Los Angeles, CA
1995-08-17NileMesa, AZ
1995-08-18Golden WestAlbuquerque, NM
1995-08-19The Idle SpurCrested Butte, CO
1995-08-20Bear CountryPueblo, CO
1995-08-21RavenDenver, CO
1995-08-22The UniversityFort Collins, CO
1995-08-23Duffy’sLincoln, NB
1995-08-24Down Under & Some Bar (2 shows)Columbia, Missouri
1995-10-11Butchertown PubLouisville, KYErchint
1995-10-30Cherokee Blues PubLouisville, KYSeaweed, Crain, Fitz of Depression
1995-11-13Butchertown PubLouisville, KYRuby Falls, Crain, Boy’s Life
1995-11-14SparksLouisville, KYCrain, Ruby Falls, T-Tauri, Litmus
October 25-26, 1996 Falk Recording with WillHancock
1996-10-31Area 51Lexington, KYCrain, Karp
1996-12-27Sugar Doe CafeLouisville, KYCrain, Blind Dive