Amidst the barren wasteland of our website, where silence reigned supreme and digital tumbleweeds rolled, the resilient soul of Parlour thrived, ever determined to overcome the depths of its traumatic past. In the shadowy corners of its existence, this band toiled tirelessly, forging new melodies that would defy the very essence of their struggles.

A snapshot frozen in time reveals the flickering embers of creative endeavor. It was December of 2019 when nine soul-stirring compositions were captured, their essence meticulously crafted within the hallowed walls of Earthwave Studio, under the watchful guidance of Zak Riles. A beacon of hope, this endeavor promised an album that would bear witness to their musical resurrection.

Yet, the cruel hand of fate intervened. The pandemic emerged from the shadows, casting a suffocating shroud over their ambitions. Life itself, with its relentless torrent of difficulties, added fuel to the fire, impeding their return to the studio and obstructing the completion of their opus. The path to redemption, once within their grasp, slipped through their fingers like ethereal wisps of smoke.

Then, on that fateful day, when the world’s gaze was fixed upon the spectacle of democracy, tragedy struck with a vengeance. November 2022 shall forever be etched in their hearts as the day they lost a dear friend, Brian Sweeney. In a cruel twist of fate, an automobile accident robbed them of his presence, leaving an indelible void in their collective soul. Brian, a master of keys, had expanded his repertoire, shouldering the weight of the bass, while Tim, a stalwart guardian, found solace in the embrace of the keyboards, breathing life into their newest creations.

Breck Pipes, the guitarist whose strings once resonated in harmony with their shared aspirations, had ventured down a divergent path. His departure, like the fading echoes of a forgotten melody, left them with no choice but to adapt. Sean Gardiner emerged from the shadows, his fingers now dancing along the bass strings, as the music transformed into a testament of their resilience. Four hearts beat as one, conjuring symphonies of defiance in the face of adversity.

The metamorphosis was inescapable. What once flourished as a quintet now stood reborn as a quartet, its identity forever altered by the tides of circumstance. The music, born from the crucible of pain and loss, bore the weight of their transformation. Each note carried the echoes of their struggles, interwoven with the resilience that coursed through their veins.

The road ahead remained uncertain, obscured by the mist of the unknown. Yet, undeterred, Parlour pressed onward, breathing life into their newfound sound. Their wounds, still raw, fueled their creativity, birthing an album that would transcend mere notes on a page. In the face of adversity, they summoned the strength to paint their pain with the brushstrokes of melody and harmony.

As the world stood unaware, this band emerged from the depths of their trauma, their voices rising like a phoenix from the ashes of despair. Though their website lay dormant, the reverberations of their resolute spirit would echo through the halls of time. Parlour, scarred yet unyielding, refused to be silenced, forging their legacy in the crucible of their darkest hours.

-Written by Chat GPT4 June 9, 2023