It’s been brought to my attention via a kind email that I’ve not added any new posts to this site since July 2012, so here it is in the form of bullet points!

  • Content for the forthcoming album is about 60% written. It is my goal to record sometime this Spring 2013!
  • Brian Sweeney (Lucky Pineapple, Another 7 Astronauts) has joined as keyboardist and we’re quite smiley about this. He’s so awesome it’s like getting 2 for 1!
  • Due to highway robbery, our lovely label, Temporary Residence, has pulled all it’s tunes from streaming services such as Spotify and Rhapsody, as they do not benefit the bands they stream at all. One would have to stream one Parlour song 157 times to equate the profit gained from the sale of 1 digital download of same tune. Hopefully a more artist-centric streaming service will come into existence in the near future. Meanwhile. I recommend purchasing directly from the label.
  • I invite all fans to “Like” Parlour on our facebook page. There’s a pretty dismal number of likes so far. Perhaps if it increases, we’d be able to secure a booking agent who could help us get out of town more often.
  • And while you’re at it…follow us on Twitter!

That’s all I have to share at the moment. Thank you for tuning in!