Past Performances

Current listing has not been updated since the tour we did following release of the Simulacrenfield LP. Update to come soon.

DateCityVenuePlaying WithPersonnel
10/31/1995Louisville, KY Diverse MediaCrappy NightmarevilleA,B
11/1/1995Louisville, KY Clifton Cultural CenterRachelsA,B,K,L
12/29/1995Louisville, KY SparksA,B,K,L
1/1/1997Louisville, KY Cherokee Blues ClubA,B,M
4/12/1997Louisville, KY Cherokee Blues ClubThe QuizA,C
9/5/1997Louisville, KY The Sugar Doe CafeK-LawA,B,D,E,J
12/17/1997Louisville, KY The Sugar Doe CafeThe Java MenA,B,E,F,G
5/23/1998Louisville, KY The Mercury PawThe Magnetic BananimalsA,B,E,F,G
5/2/1998Louisville, KY The Toy TigerDon Caballero, Transam A,B,E,F,G
7/27/1998Louisville, KY The Mercury PawSolexA,F
8/16/1998Louisville, KY The Mercury PawDavid Grubbs, Speed To Roam A,F
2/8/1999Louisville, KY ArtswatchA,E,F
7/31/1999Louisville, KY The Mercury PawMatmos & LesserA,B,H,N
10/15/1999Louisville, KY HeadlinersIsotope 217, VHS or BETA A,B,H,I,N
10/29/1999Louisville, KY Studio 953M Blain, Digital Pile, The Lull Account, Clark [party busted during Parlour] A,B,H,I,N
11/19/1999Lexington, KY MeccaDigital PileA,B,H,I,N
12/3/1999Louisville, KY J.B. Speed Art MuseumA,B,H,I
12/16/1999Bloomington, IN The Waldron TheaterEarly Day Miners, Paden A,B,H,I
12/22/1999Louisville, KY HeadlinersPapa M, DJ Mark (From vhsorbeta) A,B,H,I,N
9/4/2000Louisville, KY PandemoniumBlack Heart ProcessionA, H, I,N
10/14/2000Louisville, KY Rudyard KiplingShannonwrightA, H, I,N
11/1/2000Louisville, KY HeadlinersDon Caballero (solo), Fred Weaver A, H, I,N
1/29/2001Louisville, KY ArtswatchA,H,I,N
2/16/2001Columbia, KY Sirius Coffee HouseA,H,I,N
2/23/2001Louisville, KY BRYCC House Insomniacathon456, Magnetic Bananimals, Wodka, Retsin, etc A,H,I,N
3/24/2001Chicago, IL The MetroMogwai, Aurora Rein A,H,I,N
3/31/2001Bowling Green, KY 1st Baptist ChurchFoxholeA,H,I,N
6/22/2001Louisville, KY The Rudyard KiplingFour Fifty SixA, H, I, N
7/5/2001Louisville, KY BarretonesGoldenA,H,I,N
8/19/2001Chapel Hill, NC Local 506Cold Sides, V. Sirin, Shedding A, I, N
9/14/2001Covington, KY The Southgate HousePullman, Papa M A,I,N
9/22/2001Louisville, KY Cardinal Wings Hangar #5RachelsA,I,N
10/19/2001Bloomington, IN Second StorySpeed To RoamA,I,N,F
4/13/2002Louisville, KY MuseumJason Lowenstein, lynyasso (Will Hancock) A,I,N,G,F
4/25/2002Chicago, IL The AbbeyFridge, Explosions In The Sky A,I,N,G,F
5/24/2002Louisville, KY HeadlinersMogwai, Mighty Flashlight A,I,N,G,F
6/1/2002Louisville, KY The Lava HouseCheer Accident, Arch A,I,N,G,F
9/13/2002Louisville, KY The Rudyard KiplingBelliniA,I,N,G,F
9/14/2002Bloomington, IN Second StoryBellini, Panic Strikes A Chord A,I,N,G,F
9/15/2002Chicago, IL The Empty BottleBellini, Crush Kill Destroy A,I,N,G,F
12/14/2002Louisville, KY 118 W. MainThe Children, Party Girls, The Lee Rileys A,I,N,G,F
1/16/2003Kalamazoo, MI The SpaceCrush, Kill & Destroy A,I,G,F
4/11/2003Louisville, KY 953 Clay StreetTaking Pictures, Second Story Man A,I,G,F,N
7/4/2003Louisville, KY Uncle PleasantsThe Children, Speed To Roam A,I,G,F,N
7/26/2003Lexington, KY MeccaBardo PondA,I,G,F,N
12/19/2003Louisville, KY Rudyard KiplingJoey Mudd, Joe Manning, David Wright, & more A
?Louisville, KY Kentucky TheaterVerktum, Joe Manning, Shipping News A
4/24/2004Louisville, KY Rudyard KiplingCerebus Shoal, Nanobot Death Cloud A,O,P,Q,R,T
7/23/2004Louisville, KY Woody's TavernInstrumental Quarter (italy), Thelectric Sheep, Farewell Soyuz A,I,N,P,Q,R,S,T
9/23/2004Louisville, KY HeadlinersRadio 4, Macha, DJ Kit Chaps A,I,N,P,Q,R,S,T
10/9/2004Louisville, KY Uncle PleasantsLarval, Ut Gret A,I,N,P,Q,S,T,R
12/15/2004Louisville, KY Uncle PlesantsUS Maple, Buffalo Bill A,I,N,P,Q,S,T,R
1/20/2005Chicago, IL Empty BottleZombi, Del Rey A,I,N,P,Q,S,T,U
1/21/2005Lansing, MI Mac's BarPaucity, Wanderjahr A,I,P,Q,S,T,U
1/22/2005Windsor, ON Coach and HorsesMeasured in AnglesA,I,P,Q,S,T,U
1/23/2005Hamilton, OT The Undergroundthe Radio, One Last Time, the Eskimo Line A,I,P,Q,S,T,U
1/24/2005Albany, NY The Fuze BoxAnaconda and the SixfifteensA,I,P,Q,S,T,U
1/25/2005New Haven, CT Cafe NineEnemy LoveA,I,P,Q,S,T,U
1/26/2005Providence, RI AS220the Wind Up Bird, Tyondai Braxton A,I,P,Q,S,T,U
1/27/2005Philadelphia, PA Millcreek Tavernthe Grandchildren, the Castle Arms, Trouble Everyday A,I,P,Q,S,T,U
1/28/2005New York, NY Lit LoungeUp the Empire, the Subjects A,I,P,Q,S,T,U
1/29/2005Brooklyn, NY North SixBellmer Dolls, the Bravery A,I,P,Q,S,T,U
2/5/2005Lafayette, IN Lafayette Brewing CompanyPat McClimins GroupA,I,P,Q,S,T,U
2/19/2005Louisville, KY Dutches TavernThe ManA,I,P,Q,S,T,U,N
3/4/2005Indianapolis, IN Radio RadioMono, Skeleton Key A,I,P,S,T,U
3/5/2005Louisville, KY Uncle PleasantsMono, Manchuria A,I,P,Q,S,T,U,N
3/6/2005Asheville, NC Wedge GalleryMono, the Emery Reel A,I,P,S,T,U
3/7/2005Athens, GA Caledonia LoungeMono, A. Armada A,I,P,S,T,U
3/8/2005Atlanta, GA the EarlMono, the Emery Reel A,I,P,S,T,U
3/9/2005New Orleans, LA One Eyed JacksMonoA,I,P,S,T,U
3/10/2005Houston, TX Mary Jane's Fat CatMono, By the End of Tonight A,I,P,S,T,U
3/11/2005Denton, TX Hailey'sMono, By the End of Tonight A,I,P,S,T,U
3/12/2005Oklahoma City, OK ConservatoryBy the End of Tonight, This Was the Year to Lose Friends, Psyopus A,I,P,S,T,U
3/16/2005Austin, TX the EternalSXSW TRL Showcase: Mono, Lazarus, Eluvium, By the End of Tonight, and Tristeza A,I,P,Q,S,T,U
3/30/2005Louisiville, KY Lava House PortlandSapat, No Neck Blues Band A,I,P,Q,S,T,U,N
10/27/2006Cincinnatti, OH CAC Contemporary Art CenterKatharina GrosseA,D,Q,T,V,W
6/16/2007Louisville, KY Jazz FactoryParlourA,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
6/30/2007Louisville, KY Germantown Shotgun FestDubious Duo, Scott Carney, and more A,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
7/4/2007Louisville, KY Pour HausParlour, Foreign Oranges, The Teeth A,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
7/27/2007Louisville, KY BelvedereForecastle 2007A,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
8/24/2007Louisville, KYPour HausA,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
10/20/2007Louisville, KY Pour HausParlour, The Teeth, Venus Trap A,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
11/7/2007Louisville, KY The Pink DoorBarbez, Parlour, Nathan Salsburg A,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
12/15/2007Louisville, KY Pour HausParlour, Thalia Tzedek, Second Story Man A,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
12/28/2007Louisville, KY CahootsParlour & SostchequeA,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
5/2/2008Louisville, KYHeadlinersMucca Pazza, Wax Fang, ParlourA,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
6/19/2008Louisville, KYTerrastock FestivalLots of bandsA,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
8/15/2008Louisville, KYPour HausParlour & David GrubbsA,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
11/6/2008Louisville, KYSkull AlleyIcy Demons, Royal Bangs, Parlour, PhotographicA,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
7/21/2009Louisville, KYGlassworksParlour & Martin Bisi & SapatA,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
10/9/2009Lexington, KYBustersBoomslang FestivalA,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
10/22/2009Louisville, KYGlassworksGold Jacket Club, Minnow, Frontiers (Jason Noble Benefit)A,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
7/11/2010Louisville, KYWaterfront ParkForecastle FestivalA,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
10/1/2010Louisville, KYZanzabarSimulacrenfield Album Release Show with Lydia BurrellA,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
10/2/2010Louisville, KYTurners Boat ClubCropped Out FestivalA,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
10/20/2010Newport, KYSouthgate HouseA,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
10/21/2010Columbus, OHTreehouseA,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
10/22/2010Brooklyn, NYRockshopCMJ Nicodemus Agency Roster: Caleb Engstrom, David Dondero, Denison Witmer, Santah, Pomegranates, +/-A,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
11/12/2010Knoxville, TNThe Pilot LightDolphin RIdersA,D,Q,T,W,X,Y
11/13/2010Ashville, NCLexington Ave BrewerySchooner, Wages
11/14/2010Richmond, VAGallery 5Quiet Eyes Road, Roy G Biv, Nick Crider
11/15/2010New York CIty, NYPianosMinor Stars
11/16/2010Pittsburgh, PAGarfield ArtworksMaserati, Bad Speler
11/17/2010Chicago, ILThe Empty BottleMaserati
11/18/2010Louisville, KYZanzabarMaserati

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