Octopus Off-Broadway CD (2002),
Temporary Residence Ltd, TRR47
1. Stipendlax
2. Aflipperput
3. This Time
4. Mperfect
5. Sleeper
6. Weeds That Grow Into Trees
7. The Living Beginning

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Googler CD (2002),
Temporary Residence Ltd, TRR52
1. Jololinine
2. Distractor
3. Over The Under
4. Regulkfro Reel
5. Hop Pife
6. Svrendikditement

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Simulacrenfield, CDLP (2010), Street Date Sept. 28 , 2010
Temporary Residence Ltd, TRR162
1. Destruction Paper
2. Camus
3. Wedder
4. Jalepeñooptics
5. Simulacrenfield
6. Carrier
7. Sea of Bubbly Goo

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* due to an unfortunate oversight, the track listing as printed on the CD and LP labels is wrong. The 3rd and 4th tracks got swapped. “Jalepeñooptics” is 3rd and “Wedder” is 4th. This should be cleared up in the next pressing.



Hivesfives CDEP (2005),
Temporary Residence Ltd, TRR221.
1. Such (A One Year Stem)
2. Hives Fives
3. Timorme
4. Bringseeds

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Compilation Tracks

“Weeds That Grow Into Trees” Louisville Sonic Imprint Vol. 1 (1999), Ghetto Defendant
“A Permanent Might” Musique Pour STATUES MENHIRS (2008), Arbouse Recordings

Various Artists (Temporary Residence)  “Thank You” – TRR50 – “Landlaked” – Purchase Comp

Various Artists “River City Rumble” – featuring “SACKS”, recorded in 2001 – bandcamp page

Official web site for the group, Parlour, based in Louisville, KY